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Soccer Timer

Designed for coaches, parents or sports fans who want to track how long everybody has been in the game.

With the ability to maintain twenty or more separate timers, you can track playing time in a soccer or basketball game and plan substitutions, or use it to keep track of who is taking the most breaks when doing household projects.

It's really a very simple program: you enter in the names of your players, and then the program can time how long each of them has been in the game.

When you start a new game, each player's timer is reset to zero and they're marked as not playing.

Click on each player in the starting lineup, then press the "start" button to start the clock.

As players enter and leave the game, click on their names to start and stop their individual timers.

Switch between teams using the "teams" button on the main menu.

If you set the period length for your team, the clock will automatically stop at the end of each period.