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>>> CNET: Make easy time-lapse movies with your iPhone

If you like Time-Lapse photography then look no further. With TIMELAPSER you can use any generation of iPhone and shoot time-lapse movies or image sequences right on your iPhone.

Timelapser lets you create time-lapse videos in one step on your phone, even if you don't have a new iPhone 3gs with video!

It works fast, and it works on any iPhone!!! You don't need the newest model. (sorry, iPod Touch owners--we tried, but there's just no camera.)

Timelapser creates movie files for you and stores them in your photo library without overloading your photo library with tons of images or requiring you to create your own movies on a separate computer.

Features include:
- Auto-assembling of movies
- Email your time-lapse movies directly from the app
- Set your own compression settings
- Set your own capture settings: capture a frame - - every three seconds, or every 30 minutes!
- Choose between creating a movie of your time lapse images or save the full-res images directly to your photo library
- Instant playback of your time-lapse movies with one touch
- Built with a slick user interface and easy to use controls this app is a must have for any iPhone owner.